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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Tri County performs our own in-house sheet metal fabrication to ensure we are able to custom design a residential or commercial HVAC installation correctly down to the finest detail. Procuring top-quality heating and air conditioning equipment does you no good if your ducting and ventilation needs are not handled the right way. Even replacing an old furnace with a new always requires custom metal work as equipment changes, as do factory specifications from the manufacturer.

Ensuring It’s Right To The Last Detail

Whether you need a rectangular or sprial, kitchen exhaust or heavy gauge work, we offer the highest quality solution. Tri County offers a wide range of services and products for HVAC including ducting, flashing and custom projects.

As mentioned above, in most cases, a new heating and air conditioning installation or retrofit requires custom produced metal work for perfect fitting and installation. Failure to do this right can cause equipment performance issues, loss of efficiency and early mechanical failures. Tri County does the job right, with the highest attention to detail. Plus, we eliminate the delay and cost associated with outsourcing our metal work.

As always, the finest details matter to us. Why? Because our dedication to our customers allows for nothing less. We take your investment in comfort seriously, and we ensure that the work is done right so you reap the maximum efficiency and comfort possible. Call us today at (406) 222-6636 for exceptional service in the greater Livingston, MT area.

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