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Air Conditioner Livingston, Montana

Air Conditioner

An air conditioner cools by pumping chilled refrigerant inside which absorbs heat energy from the air. The “heated” refrigerant is then pumped back outside where the air conditioner compresses it. The compressing stage releases the heat energy into the air, and condenses the refrigerant to a chilled liquid.

Heat Pump Livingston, Montana

Heat Pump

A heat pump is an all electric device similar to an air conditioner. In fact, a heat pump cools your home just like an air conditioner does. The difference? Heat pumps can reverse the cooling process to heat your home. In Montana, a heat pump can be combined with a gas furnace for a hybrid heating system.

Gas Furnace Livingston, Montana

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace keeps your home toasty warm during a brutal Montana winter. Modern furnaces feature modulating flames, variable speed ECM fan motors and condensing technology that makes them quieter and more efficient than ever before! The furnace also works in the summer to circulate air.

Fan Coil Livingston, Montana

Fan Coil

If you heat your home with something else besides a furnace (such as a radiant heating system) then an air handler or fan coil is needed to work with the air conditioner in the summer. A fan coil is basically a combination of the fan motor from a furnace, and the coil from an evaporator coil.

Evaporator Coil Livingston, Montana

Evaporator Coil

Did you know that without an evaporator coil your air conditioner couldn’t cool your home? That’s right! In warmer weather, the air conditioner compresses refrigerant which chills it. The chilled refrigerant is pumped inside to the evaporator coil, and warm air from the home is blown through the chilled coil.

Ductless Systems Livingston, Montana

Ductless Systems

Have you been heating and cooling a living space with noisy window or floor units? If so, we have great news for you! A ductless heating and cooling solutions offers quiet, efficient performance without the need for ducting. In fact, some ductless heat pumps can still heat in sub zero weather!

Indoor Air Quality Livingston, Montana

Indoor Air Quality

As a trusted Livingston heating and air conditioning company, we also specialize in air quality solutions to allow our customers to have healthier homes. Volatile organic compounds, molds, bacteria and other airborne contaminants become trapped inside the home with nowhere to go. We have the solution!

Digital Thermostats Livingston, Montana

Digital Thermostats

Thermostats have sure come a long way in the last 20 years. Modern thermostats boast many features such as humidity control. 7-day programming, smart phone access, hybrid system control, weather forecasts and more! Call us today to find the perfect thermostat for your system and comfort needs.

Packaged System Livingston, Montana

Packaged System

A normal indoor comfort system is called a split system, because part of the equipment is located inside the home, and the other part (the air conditioner or heat pump) is located outside the home. For situations where indoor equipment isn’t possible, a packaged system can be used which locates everything outside.